Risk Assessment & Ethics Form

Risk Assessment – Part A

Risk Assessment – Part B

Ethics Form


Schedule and Call Sheets


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Call Sheets

Call Sheet #1 (13th)

Call Sheet #2 (14th)

Call Sheet #3 (16th)

Call Sheet #4 (17th)


Rough Cuts & Feedback

Shooting Script (before filming)

Shooting Script (Unity in the Community)

Edit Script (after filming)

Unity in the Community Edit Script

Shot Logs

Shot Log (Good takes)

Time codes

Rough Cut 1


Feedback on Rough Cut 1

Feedback 1

We worked through the edit together discussing the feedback, however Jonny had a prior engagement, I then sent him a new document with more feedback with things we discussed in the meeting, This can be found below

Feedback 2

Rough Cut 2



Social Media

Link to facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/unityinthecommunityb21/

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Promoting the film in emails and other social networking sites

At the end of every email I send, I add a the following link to my Facebook Page.

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Shares on social media


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Trailer & Poster 

Analysing Posters

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My Poster

Poster (1)

My Trailer 

Website & EPK 

Unity in the Community Website

Unity in the Community EPK


Location Release Forms

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Public Libility Insurance

LOC – Handsworth Streets (Film Birmingham)

LOC – Hector’s Family House

LOC – Jellybean Pre-school Nursery

LOC – Handsworth Library

Enquiry about booking the room in the Library



Library 2


Handsworth Library Invoice

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Advertising Interviews for Public on Social Media 


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Release Forms

Hector Pinkney (Signed Release)

Lee Blair (Signed Release)

Kanika Safiya (Signed Release)

David Ward (Signed Release)