Reflection on 364MC

Before this module I was a little anxious about leaving university and entering the big wide world. I did not really know what to expect from the industry I wanted to go into, or about the industry in general, this module made me take a very close look into my chosen field and made me contact people who might be able to help me in my future career. From booking meetings with Ruth to finding out about how to make a sustainable portfolio, I have truly benefited from this module. It has made me more aware about the industry that I am about to enter and what to expect before I enter it. Finding out about how people entered the industry was very inspiring because everyone had very different stories, some of them studied media and film in university, some of them did not, some entered the media industry later in their life, this taught me that I should preserver and try and find a job within the industry. I know I will not become a director straight away I will have to work for it, therefore I will use social media such as facebook to offer myself a runner on different projects, Like I learnt from the 10 professionals I contacted, I must start at the bottom and work my way up.

I still feel anxious but there is no doubt that feel more prepared about leaving university now, with a strong CV, portfolio and showreel. I am currently in the process of looking for media jobs in the UK. Many of the jobs I have found are in London so I may have to consider moving after university if I am offered a job there, however I will look for media jobs in Birmingham first. I am also in the process of branding myself and making business cards to show that I am serious about working in the industry.  I recently got my 1st paid job which is taking on a role as a photographer for an engagement party. This is freelance work and If I do my job right hopefully this will lead to more opportunities.


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