Feedback on Showreel & Portfolio

Before this year I had never made a showreel, however being so close to graduation a showreel is essential to establishing yourself as a professional. A showreel sells your work and it needs to be perfect, this is why it was crucial for me to get feedback on it.

I sent it to, 2 different lecturers just to get a variety of feedback. The lecturers that I sent it to were Ken and Clifton. They gave very positive feedback. After looking at my showreel, Ken said

“It’s fine content wise except I would be a bit more specific about this sort of roles you were after. Instead of Filmmaker put down:
Camera Operator
Or choose one of the list to focus on depending on what you want to do?”

The first draft of my showreel stated that I was a filmmaker however Ken said to make it a bit more specific, I agreed with this as I feel that If I want to get recognized as a director I need to promote myself as one.

Clifton’s feedback was a little unexpected, he stated

“This looks ok a nice range of shots and style and space given to each, no fast cutting which makes a change in these kind of things. My only comment is that pretty much everyone who appears is/looks very young. Other than that you state well and clearly each section”
I understand this but I feel as though I have included my best work, when my FMP, which features elderly people, is edited I will add this into my showreel.
A portfolio needs to be professional and tidy which is something that I have tried to achieve with my website. I have asked many people to look it and give me feedback but I had no luck. Recently I got in contact with some people who graduated from university 2 years ago. I talked to Nick Leek and Meera Darji, two Coventry University graduates, who were kind enough to give me some feedback on my portfolio. Nick said…

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 21.33.04

I was really pleased with Nick’s feedback, due to timing I did not split up my portfolio into different areas of work, however I did take on board his comment about making my showreel autoplay on the home page, I also looked through the spelling and grammar and made sure everything was spelt correctly. After making these changes I then sent my portfolio to Meera Darji who said…

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 22.32.22


Again I got some positive feedback from Meera however she wants me to be more creative with my website. When I first started creating the portfolio I decided not to use a template and work on a blank template instead, I carefully designed everything on the website. I am working on branding myself as a professional, once I have done this I will change the portfolio according to the theme, colours and overall look of my brand but till then I think I will keep it to how it is.




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