Primary Research – Experience

Although this is not a work experience module I felt that it was important to get involved with some projects to learn new skills and increase my employability. As an aspiring director it is important to see how other directors work and how connect with their actors, therefore I have been working on other students FMP’s. So far I have worked on 3 FMP’s, all different in form and style.

The first FMP I worked on was a short film that goes by the name of Between the Lines which is a crime thriller created by Shahid Mahmood and Matthew Johnson. The story follows 26 year old Oliver who has been plagued by dreams of killings about to happen by one serial killer. One day he dream about his own death at the hands of the killer, but with clues as to how to take him down. Knowing this Oliver has an important decision to make. (Mahmood 2017). My role for this short film was taking pictures and videos behind the scenes. I was also a runner. Shahid stated that..

“During the production of Between The Lines, Anita Kaur was in charge of documenting behind the scenes of the production through taking pictures and was also a camera assistant/ runner. She was punctual and a joy to work with. Her duties were carried out exceptionally and production would have been difficult without her present. In addition she agreed to play the role of a dead body in a scene which was greatly needed. I have worked with Anita in the past numerous times and hope to work with her many more times in the future, she is one of the few people I would personally think of whenever I am creating a crew for a project”. – Shahid Mahmood

The second production I worked on was a live event called Subliminal Dreams. This was created by Darshan Patel. Subliminal Dream is a short experiment/ film to explore and discover how colour in motion can affect an individual’s mind, mood or emotion. (Patel 2017). Darshan stated that…

“When I was in search of a production assistant for my event I first approached Anita as I knew from previous experience that she is a reliable, dedicated and hard-working individual with a positive attitude. During the event, Anita assisted me with scheduling, greeting guests and making sure everything went smoothly, incorporating a great eye for detail as well as technical skills. I highly recommend Anita as part of any production and she truly has a passion to succeed and achieve great things!”  – Darshan Patel

The third production I worked on was a short film which goes by the name Lost Online created by Sharifah Mian . This was an extremely enjoyable production to work on because it is all filmed through social media. Lost Online is an interactive short film about a young woman who goes missing and you must make decisions on how she can be found (Mian 2017)  I found this interesting because it was different to anything I have watched. In terms of directing it was different. Sharifah had to direct the actors in how to respond to things because all you saw in the film is responses to what has been said and what is happening. For this project I worked behind the scenes capturing pictures and videos of the production, I also recorded the sound. Sharifah stated that…

“Anita proved to be a crucial part of the crew on the production of Lost Online as the sound operator. She was a massive help as she was very attentive to all the sounds that the audio equipment was picking up and easily noticed any anomalies. She wasn’t afraid to make suggestions and collaborate; I’d be glad to work with her again.” – Sharifah Mian

I wanted to work on many films as possible as I wanted to find out about how different directors work and how they see things in a different way. This is something that me and Mez/Stef explored in my tutorial. I found that working on these three projects was very enjoyable because they were all different in format and style. It was also beneficial because my speciality lies within documentary production, so working with the actors was a very new thing for me. It was great to see how the directors interacted with the actors and the relationships they built with them. Working on these projects were very useful because even though I did not direct any of them I was still able to gain skills and learn about different equipment that I did not know how to use before. During my research in how to becoming a director it was highlighted that directors should know about the technical aspects of a production, and the equipment being used. I feel that working on these FMP has made me more confident using different types of equipment and learning about how they work.


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