Film Brum Networking Event

Since I had such a great time at the last networking event I decided to go back this month, which I found so much more beneficial. This event was a little different to the 1st networking event that I attended.  I knew what to expect this time so I went in feeling more confident. I wanted to engage with people so I talked to many different people during this event. Two of them stood out to me.  One of them was Jemima Waltho, who is self-employed. She works for a number of different creative organisations across the west midlands. Me and a friend talked to her for a while and she gave us some advice on how to freelance and some pointers to finding media jobs in Birmingham, One thing I found extremely helpful was when she told us about the Grierson Trust.

“The Grierson Trust supports and champions aspiring documentary filmmakers. Through its new entrant training scheme, Grierson DocLab in partnership with Bertha DocHouse, it provides young people aged 18-25 the chance of a comprehensive training programme to help them transition into a documentary career.”

The Grierson Trust (2017) 

Finding out about this has made me think about life after university. I am strongly considering taking this course as it leads up to paid placements. This meeting with Jemima was extremely beneficial for me.


Sharifah Mian, Jemima Waltho, Anita Kaur

(Phillip Parnell 2017)

The second person I met was a freelance photographer named Phillip Parnell who was kind enough to show us how to light a picture properly, although my speciality lies within documentary production I found this meeting to be very helpful. Lighting is something that I struggle with the most during productions so I paid close attention to what he was saying. He was also kind enough to take pictures of us and send them to me through email in which I asked him more about his career. Here are some of the pictures he took.

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(Phillip Parnell 2017)


Going to events such as these is a crucial part of me establishing myself as a director, I need to promote myself as a director whilst talking to people. I saw some familiar faces as well as some new faces and I will continue to attend these networking events.


The Grierson Trust (2017) ‘Griersons DocLab 2017’ [online] available from <; [9 March 2017]



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