Q&A with Josephine Doe


(Josephine Doe 2015)

On Wednesday 1st March the cast and crew from the film Josephine Doe came into Coventry University to talk about what it is really like to work in the industry and the process they went through in order to create this film. The panel consisted of Ryan Michael (director/producer), Erin Cipolletti (writer, producer, actress) and Brad Porter (camera op). In terms of logistics they shot Josephine Doe in 15 days, this film was a 90 page script and they used 13 locations. I was extremely interested in what Ryan had to say about directing the film, something he said stood out to me, He said “You have to be the hardest critic of your own work”. In my experience of making films, I have never really loved anything I have made, I think this is the reason why. I am always so critical of my own work, and want it to perfect. I realised though being critical can be a good thing because it will make you strive to make the best film you can

Most of the advice that Ryan and Erin gave was all pointed toward making a film, which is perfect because we are all doing so for our FMP. I found this to be a very motivational talk. They both stated that “no one cares about your film, it’s up to you to sell it. This is something that I have been trying to do with my FMP. I have created a facebook page advertising my documentary and have gained interest by inviting people to like the page and also sharing it on social media platform20170301_155520s. They also gave lots of good advice on how the industry works. For example in terms of film festivals they warned us to “be careful, most film festivals are happy to take your fees but have no interest in your film”. They stated that they do this because it is a way of marketing the film festival. In terms of marketing the film they gave advice on how to make the film you are working on better. They highlighted that you should show your film to a brutal honest audience before you put it online or enter it in a film festival. This is something that I was looking into for my FMP. I want to hold a screening of it just so I can get some feedback on how to improve it, what works and what does not work. Like I said I found this discussion very motivating, so motivating that I wanted to know more, me and a couple of colleagues stayed back and asked more questions in which they were happy to respond to, although they were in a hurry, they gave us their email so we can get in contact with them further.

Through this talk I gained more insight in how the media industry works, especially for freelancers or independent filmmakers. Talking with Ryan made me realise how much hard work actually goes into directing a film. He has given me insight into how to direct a short independant film and how to market it, which will be extremely handy after I leave university. This talk was extremely helpful in telling us the realities on what the industry is really like, I feel as though I feel more prepared to leave university because I know what to expect. I am glad that this module is about making contacts and networking with people because as Ryan said  “its about who you know, not what you know”.


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