Unity in the Community is a short biographical documentary with the duration of 10/15 minutes which chronicles the life of the extraordinary community worker based in Handsworth, Birmingham. This documentary will target elderly men and women as it could almost be nostalgic for them as it will talk about the past, it will also target people who are fans of history and people who live in Handsworth.

A black screen fades in which is overlaid by the sound of a voice. My voice, I explain my reasons for making this documentary and my connection to the story in a poetic form. With this my intentions for the film are clear to the audience this will be complemented by track footage down the road, representing a journey but also introducing the audience to the landscape in which the film is being set in. A montage of archive images will appear on the screen with a soundtrack behind. This will introduce the audience to the character that this documentary will centre around.

Hector explains his childhood and his community work throughout this documentary in a talking head and voiceover which is complemented with observational footage of him carrying out his daily tasks. Hector interview will also be complemented with archive footage of his childhood and his life. This interview will be intercut with other interviews from members of his family and members of the public. A black screen appears when my voice will once again share what my thoughts are about the Handsworth area and the representation on it. The footage of Handsworth will be in black and white which will slowly turn into vibrant colours. This will be brightly coloured to represent how people in the area see it (actually not a bad place). Hectors interview will then switch to his ideas and opinions on the Handsworth area which will be intercut again with his archive which will highlight how handsworth was in the past “the story of handsworth”. The shots of Handsworth will fade in and out slowly making it almost dreamlike, highlighting a different view to the dominant representation of the area, the “real Handsworth”. I will place a slow but happy soundtrack over this footage which will give the audience some time to think about the images that are being shown. Hectors V/O will then be played over this footage

Even though my documentary is a simple subject, I want to make it powerful and make the audience think about their own areas. This documentary will be personal to the protagonist but will also be personal to me. It will also be personal to all the people who live/d in handsworth and the people who are close to Hector. This is story that is full of humanity and a piece that many people would be interested in watching.

The documentary will end with my voice bringing it back to a full circle. This will again repeat why I made this documentary and give a conclusion on all the issues that have been raised, showing that there is hope and the Handsworth area is slowly getting better due to people like Hector


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