1st Producers Forum Networking Event

On the 6th February I attended the 1st monday producers forum, networking event with a couple of friends from university. I was invited by Brendan O’Neill, a writer, producer and director for the company Stickleback Productions who I previously met in the 6ofthebestfest.


When we got there I was not expecting so many people. It was very useful and helped me get out of my comfort zone and talk to people.

I met with the CEO of the producers Forum who is also a  member of the Blue Hippo production crew, Pip Piper. I previously got in contact with Pip in the the summer holidays before the academic year. During the summer, I had a phone conversation with him where he gave me advice on how to break into the industry and advice on my initial documentary idea. It was nice to finally meet him. He gave us some great advice on how to crowd fund and said to me “make a documentary full of humanity” This is something that stood out to me and is something that I kept in mind while developing my FMP.

I also got in touch with many other people, however I did not get their contact details. This was my first networking event and I was pretty nervous. I am planing to go to the next one which I hope I have better luck in.

sharifah      whatsapp-image-2017-02-11-at-5-46-25-pm

                            Mian, S (2017)                                                    Patel, D (2017)

This networking event takes place every month, which is great for me as I can now attend it regularly. It has been a huge shock to see how many creatives live in the Birmingham area, as my previous thoughts on the subject were about the lack of creative jobs in Birmingham. This event has shown me that in actual fact there is a lot of media opportunities in Birmingham, we just got to look harder for them.



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