Pitch (Final FMP Idea)

“In the life of Hector Pinkney” (working title) chronicles the life of one of the most well-known community workers in Handsworth, Birmingham. This observational biographic documentary explores Hectors family history, achievements and determination to change the community in a positive way. It will explore how a black woman from Jamaica became a community worker in a segregated society and how her son took over her legacy once she passed away. This short documentary will follow Hector’s story of growing up to become the community’s hero, and gaining the title of ‘Mr Handsworth’. Through this documentary I want to challenge the notion that handsworth is a bad area to live in. I also want to highlight to the audience that ONE person CAN make a big difference in someone else’s life.

I will be drawing parallels to history of Handsworth to Handsworth today. The theme of love conquers all will be explored here by finding out about how one man bought people together in this heart warming documentary. This documentary will feature interviews from Hector himself and the locals of handsworth about how they know Hector and the impact he has made on them. It will also feature a lot of archive footage of hector and his family, the riots and handsworth in the past.


Image – myhandsworth, (2011), Hector Pinkney MBE [ONLINE]. Available at:https://www.flickr.com/photos/71680073@N07/6498694641 [Accessed 20 December 2016].


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