364MC – Portfolio Research

In order to create my portfolio I conducted research on many other portfolios just to gain inspiration and gain a better understanding of what they consist of and what format they use. I decided to look at directors portfolios as this is the role that I want to pursue.

Danny Cooke – Freelance Filmmaker, Director & Editor 

Reference – Cooke, D. (2016) Freelance Filmmaker, director & editor [online] available from <http://www.dannycooke.co.uk/&gt; [20 December 2016]

The first portfolio I looked at belongs to Danny Cooke, a freelance filmmaker, director and editor. This website stood out to me because is was vibrant and simple to navigate. The home page particularly stood out to me as it features a video which is overlaid with his job roles and a quote which sums up what filmmaking means to him. I liked that he added this quote as it highlights his passion for filmmaking. I really liked the fact that the website looks simple yet professional at the same time. As you scroll down you can see some of his projects, they are clearly stated and labelled. With one simple click it takes you to video that is described. It also has a button which leads you to his showreel. Looking at this website made me realised the simple is the way to go which is what I am going to take from this research. His portfolio is impressive and I can see why people would want his services.



(Cooke 2016)

Paul Griffin  – Freelance Director and Editor

Reference –  Griffin, P. (2015) Paul Griffin [online] available from <http://griffinproductions.co.uk/&gt; [20 December 2016]

This website looked similar to Danny Cooke’s website in terms of the home page, it also feature a showreel with his name and job states. What I admire about this portfolio is the fact that you can tell its more personal to him, for example he shares a story about how he got started in the industry and also feature a video of him working at his dad’s production company at a very young age. I feel as thought this shows his passion and he know what he is doing as he has been doing it from a very young age. I seemed to identify with Paul more because he actually shows himself through his portfolio, the audience get to know the character he is through his portfolio. Although it is not as simple as Danny’s portfolio, it still works as an impressive showcase of his work.



(Griffin 2015)


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