Meeting with Careers

I recently had a meeting with careers that is located in Coventry University, I have been thinking about the future a lot lately and I was hoping to get some advice on how to get myself known within the media industry. They were extremely helpful. I explained my problem about finding it difficult to talk to people as I feel as though I do not know enough. Sheryl, the career advisor suggested that I should look at a book called, the art of shouting quietly. This book is essentially tells introverts how to network and make contacts without changing who you are. This was interesting for me as we are always been told to “fake it until you make it”. They also suggested that I start of filming for the Coventry University Student Union as they are always looking for promo. They also suggested that I can film for careers, which I think is a good opportunity to get back into filming events. They asked to look at my CV which I was nervous about as I have not shown my media CV to anyone, they were shocked to see that I had no help when creating this CV and stated that is was a professional CV. This meeting helped me realise that I should be focusing more on life outside university and helped build my confidence in terms of talking to new people and applying for jobs and internships. 



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