FMP Initial Ideas

In the summer holidays I thought a lot about my FMP and the kind of stories I wanted to tell. I knew that I wanted to create a documentary as I am passionate about telling real stories. Real stories fascinate me! Majority of my favourite films have been based of true stories or have some sort of verisimilitude to them. The two ideas I came up with are character based documentaries.

1st Idea     This documentary will explore the life of  ‘Mr Handsworth’, Hector Pinkney. He is a 63 year old community worker based in Handsworth. The community love him and he is well known in the area. His mother came from africa and pursued community work out of her own home. When she died, he then started the legacy of carrying on his mothers work. He has helped the community a lot in terms of starting a youth group for troubled teens and exercising classes for elders. He has a black belt in karate so he also teaches self defence classes. He was awarded MBE in the queens birthday honours. This will be an observational documentary. His voice will tell the story of his life


2nd Idea     This documentary will explore the life of my brother in law, who is popular in the British asian music industry. it will tell the story of how he started off in music and his influences. It would also explore the release of new music and his family, who are also in the music industry. He came from a family of musicians and has met many famous people/bands in industry. One of them including UB40. This would also be an observational documentary. He will explain the politics in music and what its like being in the music industry.



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